About Us

KGL Skin Study Center, LLC is a Philadelphia-based independent clinical research facility providing comprehensive safety and efficacy testing of skin care products in human subjects.

KGL began as Ivy Laboratories in 1964 when legendary dermatologist Albert M. Kligman, M.D., Ph.D. (1916-2010) established one of the first independent skin testing labs in the United States. Many of the current repeat insult patch testing (RIPT) methods for skin allergenicity, irritancy, phototoxicity and acnegenicity were developed at Ivy Laboratories and remain an industry standard. In 1984, KGL, Inc. was formed and combined the safety testing services of Ivy Laboratories with a skin study center for clinical trial testing for both efficacy and safety.

Today, KGL Skin Study Center, LLC remains a leader in clinical testing of cosmetics, personal care products, over-the-counter and prescription drugs and devices for the skin.