Types of Studies

Patch Testing

Patch testing is our main method for determining safety of topical products. A small area (5/8 inch) of skin on the back or arm is used as a test site. Test products are applied and covered with a cotton gauze (patch) and taped in place. One to four sites are used and test products are reapplied and patches replaced daily (Monday- Friday) to three times a week for up to one to four weeks.

Effectiveness Studies

Effectiveness studies or product use studies and clinical trials vary in length from one week to several months. Most studies involve the daily application of products to the skin. Application is typically done at home (unsupervised) or may be done under supervised conditions at KGL Skin Study Center. Periodic assessments are done (every 2 to 4 weeks) at KGL Skin Study Center and involve clinical assessments by expert graders and/or board-certified dermatologists along with photography, instrumental measurements of the skin, and questionnaires.